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Weronika, girl, Poland, 17
infinite metal, young James Hetfield and lace lover,
pure 149cm of madness


I think that if somebody wants to try, it’s okay, but only in environment in which somebody will be able to help in case of something bad happening. It’s worse, when “try” changes into “trip all the time”. I was very close with person who had problem with drugs and fortunately I’m over it and we don’t have any contact now. 

And they are definitely not for me.

If it comes to alcohol, unfortunately I like beer very much. But it happens that I’m a person without any limits, so it’s very easy for me to overdose and I end up in similar way almost in each case. And it ain’t anything good.


Jak na razie malowałam nimi na białych koszulkach i było w porzadku. Ostatnio malowałam też czarną torbę białą farbą i faktycznie trzeba było nałożyć jej minimalnie więcej, więc chyba po prostu musisz próbować :)