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Weronika, girl, Poland, 17
infinite metal, young James Hetfield and lace lover,
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I think I can’t say that I’ve broken off contact with many people. Sometimes contact is just an illusion - in fact all we see on facebook is a kind of creation of somebody’s life which he/she wants to show to other people (which eventually turns out to be a big lie in most cases!). Why do you think you won’t be able to delete your account? Deactivate it and you will see that after a month you won’t even think about coming back…
And not all sites in the Internet are pointless, maybe you should try to find those which are valuable for you :>

If it comes to advices about how to start doing something for yourself…well, I’d have a shitload of them, but I can write you the most important ones.
Try to get to know yourself better - try new things, check which ones you like the most, stop doing those that don’t make you happy, think about the people you spend time with, (consider if they are worth it), explore art (there are plenty of movies to watch, books to read and CDs to check!), write, read, start cooking, do the things you love and simply enjoy them, think about your goals, about places you could see, care about your body, and smile to people, because probably they will smile back :)

Take care and LIVE!


Hahah I wonder why are you asking about this! No, I do not regret it in any way. I can even find lots of advantages of deleting my account there, because I’ve found out who exactly and how many people remember about me, who wants to keep in touch and still have me in her/his life. There are lots of other ways to contact and I really prefer meeting with somebody than hours of writing which is deprived of possibility to look into somebody’s eyes or smile and often causes misunderstandings.
I don’t want to lie to myself. I got over 1,300 friends on facebook and now I think there’s approximately hardly 10 people with whom I am in quite close relationship. And I’m more commited into development of myself now. I don’t spend time on stalking people, instead I do something for myself. 
I totally recommend it to people who spend plenty of time there, it’s totally not worth it, real life is better! 


Yes, I did, almost four months ago :)